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Reporting an incident to Police

Join us for our next meeting Thurs 20th August Aikenvale Library meeting room from 6-7pm followed by free and frank discussion at the Vale.

Help us identify areas of concern: This is a map of pt's of interest that the BUG has interest/involvement in. Click on the areas and it will take you to evolving documents that we use to keep track of progress. Email to inform of any other issues of interest and I will be in touch to make sure we understand the problem. nB that the BUG is run by volunteers. We could do with all the help we can get.

Townsville Bicycle User Group Infrustructure pts of interest/involvement/concern

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Upcoming meetings:  Aitkenvale Library 6-7pm 


Tuesday 4th 6pm to 7pm (workshop- writing emails, improving website, updating documents,basic chores to keep on track)
Thursday 20th 6pm to 7pm


Tuesday 1st 6pm to 7pm
Tuesday 15th 6pm to 7pm 

 October Tuesday 13th (2nd Tues of mth) 6-7pm

Possibly AGM- will advise at Thurs 20th meeting

 November Tuesday 10th (2nd Tues of mth)6-7pm
 December Tuesday 8th (2nd Tues of mth) 6-7pm